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Lansing KS Locksmith Store Lansing, KS 913-286-4128How many locks do you have in your house? Remember to count both interior and exterior doors and locks of your shed, garage, and other storage areas. Now you know how many locks you have, when was the time you changed them? If you can’t remember when you changed the locks, consider rekeying it today or better still rekey to master key system. Such an effort will ensure the safety of your family, property and valuable asset.

Why should you rekey to master key system?

Are you carrying around a bunch of keys to gain access to various areas in your home or office? At Lansing KS Locksmith Store, we know that no one wants to have more than one key to their business or house. This made us slim down your keys by implementing a master key system. That means locks that are rekeyedto master key system will help people to gain access to all doors of the house or business.  With our service, you will feel happy that you have made a wise decision and no longer have to fumble with multiple keys in your pocket or pursue. If you want to rekey to master key system, call or visit our locally owned office in Lansing, KS today.

When should you Rekey Locks?

You may think that you’ve given keys only to family members and trusted employees, but do you know that someone else is also having access to your door. For instance, contractors, interior designers, realtors, and groundskeeper also have access to your new home during the construction phase. Hence, to maximize security, rekeying locks is crucial for new home and also for the property that is attacked by a burglar.

Why do you need to hire Lansing KS Locksmith Store?

A variety of products allows you to rekey locks by yourself. But keep in mind that your home or office security is a serious concern. So, don’t risk it by doing it yourself or hiring a local locksmith. Contact Lansing KS Locksmith Store’s professional technicians who understand the inner working of all types of locking systems and provide the most effective solution. Also, our lockmasters are capable of rekeying locks to the single master key system. With our rekey to master key system service, you can be certain that the job is done properly and precisely.

If convenience and increased security sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to schedule your master key service request today.