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Lansing KS Locksmith Store Lansing, KS 913-286-4128No matter how careful or cautious we are of our actions, accidents tend to happen. Have you ever locked yourself out of your car inadvertently? Or realized after you stepped out of the car that your keys are still in the ignition? You’re not alone! Contrary to popular belief, car lockouts are quite commonplace. However, it’s the uncertainty of the geographical location or the time the incident takes place that makes matters worse. What you need during such circumstances is an effective means of unlocking your car.

What should you do?

  • DIY tricks

    In a bid to get the car unlocked swiftly, you might get on the internet trying to find something useful. From shoestring tricks, to sliding metal rods, the internet is filled with ideas. Before you try attempting any of those, ponder over this: if it were so easy to unlock cars, don’t you think the incidences of car theft might be on an all-time high?

  • Calling a towing service

    Sure, you can get your car towed to the nearest mechanic and have the car unlocked. But think of the inconvenience and the extended wait times? If you had someplace you needed to be in a while, this option will cost you dearly, both in terms of finances and time.

  • Contacting your dealership

    This might be an option if you’ve got a lot of time to spare. Lost your keys and need new ones? Your dealer might take days to get them across to you. Also, for car unlock, most dealers require the vehicle to be brought to them than the other way around.

  • Seeking locksmith help for car unlock:

    The life of a car locksmith revolves around locks and keys and it’s quite easy for him/her to quickly identify a way to unlock the car. Besides, most locksmiths provide onsite service, so you don’t have to abandon your vehicle by the side of the road in search of help.


If there was one option for car unlock, that combines affordability, timeliness, convenience and quality – that would be a locksmith. Not just any locksmith, what you need is an expert from Lansing KS Locksmith Store. With a 24/7 taskforce available, you can ring us up anytime and we’ll be there in 15-20 minutes on our superfast mobile vans. Our technicians can get the door unlocked within minutes using specialized tools, without inflicting any damage on the car or the lock.

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